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Then, spam the JUMP button. Since you have the pink gloves, you'll heal a bit each time, so you won't die. However, the octopus can't heal, ...

Thanks! Note that the following are NOT bugs : The behaviour of octopus kings. Anything about the squirrel's game. Which language did you use to make the game? Candy Box 2 - Walkthrough, Tips, Review It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack... aniwey's smash-hit original webtoy/wonder machine gets a sequel with even more content to discover. Allow this little game to run by itself in another tab or window and you'll quickly discover that there's a lot more to it than just a rising number of candies. at master... Candy Box 2. Contribute to candybox2/ development by creating an account on GitHub.this.getQuest().foundGridOrEqItem(new QuestItemFound(this.getQuest(), "eqItemHatOctopusKingCrown", "You found the Octopus King crown.", "You gain the Octopus King...

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Candy Box 2 | Just For Fun Discussion | Know Your Meme |… The octopus king does a million DPS and the Monkey just avoids you. Not even teleport spells help you get him. I just used the red gloves+fireball spam to kill the octopus king. The monkey comes easily after you enchant the octopus king's crown. Upgrading your health will probably help, too. Candy Box 2 Developer

Jan 27, 2016 · I almost beat the forest by jumping past enemies... And then tree spirit. :( use monkey wizard staff (enchanted) octopus king crown with jaspers pink...

Octopus King's Crown - Official Candy Box 2 Wiki The Octopus King's Crown is a piece of armor that can be obtained by defeating the Octopus King in single combat. It does nothing, other than increasing your confidence. If Chocolate bars are thrown into the wishing well, you can enchant the crown.. Enchantments [edit | edit source]. The crown has two Enchantments: Jaspers and Obsidian. When enchanted with Jaspers, it will frequently shoot Candy Box 2 Fighting the Octopus King (Ep. 2) - YouTube

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How to beat Octopus King with any low-level weapon, ... Cooking Big Octopus in My Village ... Candy Box 2 - Cyclops ... Candy Box 2 Walkthrough | LevelSkip